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Lower Back Pain Dry Needle Treatment

Jacksonville’s Dry Needle Acupuncture Center

As the premier center for dry needle acupuncture in Jacksonville, Dry Needle Pain Relief Jax improves the quality of life for our patients by relieving painful muscles conditions, shortening return-to-play time after injury, and improving sports performance.

What is Dry Needle Acupuncture?

Dry needle acupuncture is a specialty of physical medicine, which uses needling techniques to provide therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, improved range of motion, muscle relaxation, and sports performance.

Dry needle acupuncture is similar in many aspects to acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine. Classical acupuncture is performed using tongue and pulse as well as palpation to diagnose imbalances in the body and can promote relaxation.

Dry needling uses palpation of nerves and trigger points to distinguish the scale of a person’s pain sensitization. Dry needling of the nerve distribution and trigger points will then decrease pain sensitization and promote tissue health.

See what our patients are saying about us!

I’m an active individual but for years have had on-going back issues.  I asked Mike to do as much work on me as he could do an any single day and he gave me a full chiropractic adjustment and full acupuncture treatment. None of it hurt a bit – despite knowing that needles were being stuck into my body – but I left the doctors office feeling like I’d run a marathon then drank a six-pack. That night I slept like a baby. The next day I was still sore, but by the afternoon I felt amazing. I went surfing and just felt stronger and more fluid.  The waves weren’t anything to write home about but I surprised myself at how well I surfed them.

Holden H.

I had discomfort in my neck for the past 2 months. I asked some of my athlete friends for a good Chiropractic Clinic and kept hearing Mike Chanatry’s name.  I was hesitant to do (dry needle) acupuncture but decided to try it.  Zero pain; only a positive experience and results. After the (dry needle) acupuncture and adjustments, my neck immediately felt better. I went to bed and had one of the best nights sleep I’ve experienced in a long time. When I woke, my neck pain was gone.

Tom P.

Dr. Mike diagnosed my crippling back pain and got me up and walking again after just 2 weeks. The (dry needle) acupuncture was the best thing that I could have done. They will have my business for life.

Andrew C.

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